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“We understand the things that matter to you. That’s why we’re here to help.”

Elliot Sinukoff (B.A., B.Comm, PRP, CEPA)`

About Elliot Sinukoff

Elliot Sinukoff is the man behind Lifecorp Financial. As the firm’s founder and CEO, he has been helping people like you plan their financial futures for more than 30 years.

Elliot started off in accounting and has several years of experience in traditional accounting and tax roles. From there, he moved into financial services and worked with several large companies, with a primary focus on retirement planning for business owners.

But as time went on, he realized that traditional financial planning methods were limited as they failed to factor in the business, which is often the owner’s largest asset. In fact, most business owners hope to finance part of their retirement through the sale of their business—but only 1 out of every 5 business listed actually gets sold.

The big turning point came when Elliot realized that many of his friends, including very accomplished and successful people in the business world, were reaching their sixties, and discovering that they were wholly unprepared for retirement in ways they never realized. The lack of planning often translated into a lack of options and Elliot witnessed the liquidation of several businesses, for pennies on the dollar, due to death, disability, or burnout.

Of those who were fortunate to sell, many regretted doing so, either because they weren’t satisfied with the final sale price or were bored without a well-thought-out plan for life after business. Elliot knew something needed to be done.

He obtained a certification in exit planning and, since then, holistic retirement planning for business owners has been what Elliot has devoted his time to—and it continues to make a major difference in the lives of those with whom he works.

Elliot believes that retirement can be a far less difficult process than it currently is for many business owners—and his mission is to be your guide in ensuring that this happens.


What People Say About Us

Consent and Capacity Board

Really nice fellow. Elliot is calm and conservative in his approach—at least with me, which is what I want. He does his homework and has a knack for explaining complex strategies in terms that I can easily understand.  Highly recommended. New Line Content Here New Line Content Here New Line Content Here

Mark Handelman , ( BA, LLb, MHSc )
Mill Street Consulting

I have known Elliot Sinukoff for many years and have been extremely happy having him oversee both my corporate and personal finances. He has always been very professional and his friendly, casual manner instills a high level of trust and confidence. I would highly recommend him.

Deb Devgan
Taurus Contracting

Elliot was able to present an insurance-based strategy that was preferential to what my current advisors had put forward and worked diligently with my accountant in the implementation. He now plays an important role on my team and is helping me build value by making my business less owner-dependent. I find Elliot to be thorough, trustworthy, and likable. I wish I had met him sooner.

Steve Page
The Electric Company

Elliot has advised me on many levels including retirement strategies, tax savings, insurance, and building the value of my business. He worked along side my accountant and was able to provide some fresh ideas. He would be an asset to any business owner. New Line Content Goes Here when line is not over lapping we do this trick to make the text same New Line Content Goes Here when line is not over lapping we do this trick to make the text same

Paul Brennan